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New SpeedCore RP18-Amide

If you need extra selectivity then our new RP18-Amide column is perfect, providing orthogonal selectivity to our other core-shell stationary phases.  Gain resolution with high speed.

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Method Development onto Core-Shell

Speed up your HPLC methods using the application note on how to transfer from fully porous particles to core shell particles.

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Core-Shell Calculator

Use the method transfer calculator to  determine the new HPLC conditions required to keep resolution

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New Technical posters

Request a copy of our new technical posters on use of selectivity in hplc with core shell technology.

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Fortis SpeedCore RP18-Amide is now available.  New selectivity combined with high efficiency leads to excellent separation characteristics in HPLC.

Transfer 'old' HPLC methods onto core-shell particles with the use of the Application Note "Transfer HPLC Method to Core-Shell Particles"  Click Here  

We will be in Shanghai and Hyderabad in October for Analytica 2016 conferences 


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