When running fast separations, resolution between critical pairs becomes even more important, since peak capacity (peaks per unit time) will be much reduced.  It is critical therefore to have a range of stationary phases available in order to ensure maximum selectivity can be achieved:

SpeedCore comes with five orthogonal stationary phases to ensure that selectivity and therefore resolution can be optimised.

SpeedCore C18, SpeedCore Diphenyl, SpeedCore RP18-Amide and SpeedCore PFP will all give different selectivity for analytes in reversed phase HPLC, whilst SpeedCore HILIC will provide maximum retention and resolution of highly polar analyte species.

SpeedCore RP18-Amide will provide resolution of analyte species that alkyl chain C18 stationary phases struggle to resolve:

Use of a combination of these HPLC columns will provide high selectivity when it is most needed in method development.