SpeedCore is the very latest in core-shell technology for use in HPLC and UHPLC.  Designed to offer enhanced efficiency, speed and resolution of analysis.

Available in five phase chemistries, ensuring that a diverse range of Hydrophobic, Dipole and Hydrophillic interactions are available in order to gain retention and resolution.

 Particle Size S.A. Pore Size % Carbon USP 
SpeedCore C18  2.6um or 5um  140 m2/g80 A10 L1
SpeedCore Diphenyl  2.6um or 5um 140 m2/g 80 A  7L11
SpeedCore RP18-Amide  2.6um or 5um140 m2/g  80 A -L60
SpeedCore PFP  2.6um or 5um140 m2/g  80 A  6L43 
 SpeedCore HILIC  2.6um or 5um140 m2/g 80 A  N/A  L3

 NEW  SpeedCore RP18-Amide


  •  C18 with polar embedded functionality
  •  Orthogonal selectivity
  •  Ultra high efficiency
  •  Method development starting point

    SpeedCore C18


    •  C18 Hydrophobicity
    •  General HPLC reversed phase use
    •  Ultra high efficiency
    •  Method development starting point

    SpeedCore Diphenyl


    •  Alternative selectivity
    •  Separate positional isomers
    •  Stable ligand, No "MS Bleed"
    •  Enhanced polar retention

    SpeedCore PFP


    •  Reversed phase selectivity
    •  Separate metabolites
    •  Excellent resolution
    •  Excellent stability

    SpeedCore HILIC


    •  Hydrophilic interaction mode
    •  Separate polar species
    •  Excellent retention
    •  Excellent stability

    To learn more on how you can best use Fortis SpeedCore HPLC columns contact our technical support or order our SpeedCore guide: