Technical Posters

New core shell particles for Biomolecule analysis  |  Analyse Biomolecules with high resolution and sensitivity

Selectivity with a SpeedCore C18-PFP stationary phase  |  Obtain orthogonal selectivity using a C18-PFP phase

Using PFP stationary phases for selectivity |  A new PentaFluoroPhenyl (PFP) stationary phase

Polar embedded RP18-Amide stationary phase  |  Enhance selectivity with a new SpeedCore RP18-Amide phase

Separation of 22 Common Amino Acids |  22 Amino acids in a simple separation

Application of Amino Stationary Phase for the Analysis of Carbohydrates |  Mono / Disaccharides

Separation of Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3  Application on Fortis H2o of Vitamin D2 and D3 separation

Comparison of New Core-Shell (SpeedCore) particles  | Comparison of Core-shell, selectivity differences

Selectivity of Core-Shell (SpeedCore) particles  | Choices in stationary phase to aid method development

Pharmaceutical Applications on SpeedCore particles  | Applications of pharmaceutical compounds

Evaluation of Stationary phases for Environmental Analysis | Analyse PAH's, Phenoxy acids, Herbicides

Considerations in the Analysis of Biomolecules | Choices such as pore size, and buffer

High Resolution Seperation of Nucleosides in UHPLC | Nucleosides transfer into UHPLC from analytical

UHPLC of Biomolecules | Use of 1.7um particles to seperate Biomolecules

Correct Connection of UHPLC Columns | Use the right fitting to ensure no dead volume

Transfer of Methods from HPLC to UHPLC - What Calculations do I need ?

How to Optimise your UHPLC Performance, Connect Properly ! | Ensure that UHPLC is optimised

A New UHPLC Column for Polar Analyte Retention | 1.7um Polar endcapped stationary phase

Applications of a New HILIC phase | Seperations of highly polar molecules

Compatability of UHPLC with MS,are we more productive |  Efficiency or Selectivity choices

Selectivity vs Efficiency in Ultra High Pressure Liquid Chromatography | Use of the Carr Equation

Unique Diphenyl functionality and selectivity in LC and LC-MS | Highly unique selectivity for metabolites